Jon Stewart on Kansas

More than ten years ago Thomas Frank wrote a book called What’s the Matter with Kansas? (later made into a documentary film) that pondered how so many working people have been persuaded to vote against their own self-interest.

The same question might come to mind when you learn that the state’s economy and budget are in dismal shape following big tax cuts promised to lead to the opposite, that the minimal requirement for eight hours’ training for a concealed-carry gun permit has now been eliminated, and that comically ridiculous restrictions have been imposed on welfare recipients for no real purpose other than to pretend that lots of impoverished people on public assistance are using the tiny amount of money they get to eat expensive meals and go on cruises.

As usual, Jon Stewart goes after this in a commentary that’s both informative and hilarious. I can’t easily embed the clip in this post, but it’s just as easy to click this link and go straight to it on Comedy Central’s website.

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