People have pets for laughs, and guess why women have boyfriends and husbands

Some time ago I realized that a major reason people have pets is not so much for companionship and affection as for having something to laugh at. Not long after I noticed that the same applies to women putting up with men as boyfriends or husbands. That is, a lot of women I know at least subconsciously think of men as a sort of combination pet and large appliance.

The following videos illustrate the general principle here set forth.

First, we have a cat whose employer wants to take it for a walk as if it were a dog, that is, wearing a collar and a leash. (Some cities, I believe, now actually require people to walk their cats this way. One imagines the city council sitting around just trying to see what they can get away with.) To avoid this indignity, the cat fakes its own death, or at least catatonia. There is a miraculous resurrection at the end. (The cat may also be mortified to be employed by people who shoot vertical videos. For why that that’s evil, see this link.)


The second video, made by a very amused woman, shows her husband’s description of what happened when he tried to apply his handyman skills to replacing a bathroom ceiling fan with a light fixture. The results aren’t just remarkable, they’re downright mysterious. I doubt many electricians could produce this result deliberately. I haven’t seen anything comparable since the Three Stooges short A Plumbing We Will Go (1940). I really like this woman’s laugh.


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