Review: Epic (2012 movie)

In this computer animated fantasy adventure a girl in her mid-teens whose mother has just died goes to live with her father in a rambling old country house somewhere in a northeastern U.S. forest. Her parents had apparently split up over her father’s strange obsession with the idea that a hidden civilization of little people, something like leprechauns or fairies, exists in the forest. The daughter is upset to discover that his eccentricity has now taken over his entire life.

Of course, she soon discovers he’s right, and she gets involved with the hidden civilization, which is on the verge of destruction by a rival culture that celebrates decay.

There are lots and lots of clichés packed into this film, and much of it is silly or just plain dumb. But despite its flaws it ends up being pretty enjoyable, with enough good stuff to offset the annoying bits. Kids in particular are likely to find it easier to suspend their disbelief and like it more than I did.


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