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Neither Gary nor Grady is a rare name, so it’s not at all surprising that I occasionally hear of another Gary Grady. Many years ago, for example, I got a telephone call from someone wanting me to help him get out of a speeding ticket. Apparently he’d heard high praise for a lawyer named Gary Grady, and when I admitted to being Gary Grady but not an attorney, he seemed to have trouble believing me. He even asked me if I was sure, as if I might have momentarily forgotten, like the brain specialist in the Monty Python sketch.

Well, quite by accident I’ve just run across another Gary Grady, one who happens to be a psychology professor and a songwriter, and I particularly like this one, which I shall shortly inflict on the psychologists I know: “Psychology Begins with a P (The Psychology Psong)”:


The song summarizes everything you need to know about psychology, or at least the key points of its history and spelling.

Beneath the video, someone named Caspar Addyman offers one of the better comments I’ve ever seen under a something on YouTube (admittedly not a high hurdle): “The p isn’t silent. It is just <.05." As a bonus, here's another song on the same subject: [weaver_youtube] Link:

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