Sanity on Ebola from Fox News

Shepard Smith on Fox News spends just a few minutes explaining why it makes no sense for people in the United States to panic over their tiny risk of contracting Ebola:


As Smith says in the clip above, not one person in the U.S. general population has contracted Ebola. In contrast, more than 50,000 Americans die every year from a far more readily transmitted viral illness. Amazingly enough fewer than half of us bother to get vaccinated against it even though for almost everyone with insurance of us the vaccine is free and available in most drug stores. The disease in question is influenza. Wherever you live, go and get your flu shot or jab or whatever you call it where you are.

Back to Ebola: None of this is to suggest that Ebola isn’t a serious disease; it is, and it’s devastating a number of poor countries in western Africa. You can help by donating to Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières at this link: These people do good work, often at risk to their own lives, and they deserve our help.

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