Victim of an evil kid brother has to dance. In Utah.

Here’s the deal: A guy foolishly makes a bet with his kid brother over a basketball game (and not even a real basketball game) and loses, which means under the terms of the bet that he has to go to a specific busy intersection in Provo, Utah — I hope the guy doesn’t normally live in Capetown or something — and dance to music selected by his evil kid brother.

So, being a good sport and wanting to set a positive example for his younger sibling (as we older brothers are wont to do), he goes through with the deal, wearing an explanatory T-shirt reading “I lost a bet.”

But wait until you see the good part. (The whole thing runs under 3 minutes. What else are you doing that’s so important?)


It helps that the guy can actually dance. I’d even put him up there with Les Grossman. If you don’t know who that is, see the clip below. (Note that the soundtrack on the following is not safe for work — indelicate language and all that.)


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