Camera survives fall from plane; here’s what it saw

A camera,a GoPro I think, was dropped from an airplane and fell onto a farm, where a member of the farm staff immediately examined it. Not something you see every day, Chauncey.


(Thanks to my friend, video producer Bryan Jones of SeaGrace Visions, for pointing this out. For the record, that wasn’t his camera.)

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Camera survives fall from plane; here’s what it saw — 2 Comments

  1. Since seeing this, I have had a thought or two. The person who found the camera states that she found it eight months after it fell. Pigs will eat, essentially, anything. So, where was it found? How high was the pile?

    • I don’t think pigs will eat what they can’t chew, else by now they would have eaten the world. I presume the camera swam around in the mud for a while as the pigs went about their diverse projects and operations until their motion caused the camera to resurface long enough to be noticed by the farmer.

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