School closing rap

From Durham Academy in Durham NC, a school closing announcement posted February 12 in response to significant snow and ice:


That’s Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner (foreground, if I’m not mistaken) and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark in the background. (Ulku-Steiner should be used to wintry weather since the previous school year he headed The American School in Switzerland.)

You can click through to YouTube to read the lyric. The Greg Fishel mentioned near the end is head meteorologist for WRAL television in Raleigh.

As usual I’m late to the party on this, the video having gone immediately viral and showing up on news programs as far away as India. Even Vanilla Ice, best known for wrapping the song this is based on, retweeted it. You can read more on the website of Raleigh’s News & Observer newspaper.

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