Mark Grist performs “Girls Who Read”

Mark Grist offers up a brief bit of verse about his preference for women who read:


Sorry I’ve been remiss on blogging of late. (No, not the first time I’ve said that.) I’ve once again been dealing with a combination of not feeling well and having a lot to do. I’ve lately spent a fair amount of time in medical offices with nothing very serious and have one or two appointments a week into at least mid-December, mostly for physical therapy, which reminds me a lot of phys ed.

I told my therapist, who has a doctorate in the field, about a knee injury I had in 1986, and he said that was the year of his birth. What makes it worse is that the guy doesn’t look that young. And then last night I saw some passing mention that Britney Spears was born in 1981. Dang I feel old…

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