The Daily Show amusingly debunks minimum wage spin from Fox News

Last week Neil Cavuto — Fox News’ senior vice president and managing editor of business news as well as an on-air personality — ridiculed people calling for an increase in the minimum wage, in the course of it bringing up how happy he’d been as a teenager to have a low-paying fast food job. This prompted a response from Tim Murphy at Mother Jones magazine pointing out something that Cavuto neglected to mention, namely, that the $2 an hour Cavuto he said he’d made in 1974 was equivalent to about $9.47 an hour today. That’s $2.22 more than the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, which has been unchanged in more than four years.

John Oliver and the staff of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show turned this into a really funny takedown of Cavuto and his colleagues that I highly recommend:

It continues here with a well-deserved skewering of Fox Business anchor Tracy Byrnes:

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