I’m still here

I’m not sure anyone’s reading this — even the comment spammers seem to have given up on me — but after several weeks of being incredibly busy and just too exhausted to blog or much of anything else not strictly necessary, I’m starting to recover, and I hope to back to more-or-less regular blogging soon.

Also, I think I have managed to solve the annoying problem with embedded YouTube videos playing automatically. If you have the problem on other sites you visit I’m afraid a general solution is not necessarily easy and depends on what browser you use. Even plug-ins specifically meant to block this “feature” often don’t work. Do a search for “stop autplay” and your browser’s name for more information. (I think the culprit here may actually be Adobe.)

It may take me a while to get around to turning autoplay off for older videos; there are a lot of them.

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I’m still here — 1 Comment

  1. Glad that you are still here. I would notice if you were gone!

    I see that under “Categories” on your blog, there is no category for Pigs. To help you rectify this, here is a link to a story about an island in the Bahamas inhabited only by pigs. (Interestingly, comments on the story did not speculate about island-smoked pork BBQ, but instead urged that a few new piglets should be introduced to add genetic diversity!)

    Pig Beach: An uninhabited island that is home to a family of swimming pigs http://ow.ly/na8mr

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