Kids react to a Cheerios commercial

You’ve probably heard about this charming and funny Cheerios commercial even if you haven’t yet seen it:

And if you have heard about it, you’ve probably heard that it’s “controversial,” meaning that there are still enough benighted ninnies running loose that they found something to complain about, especially when able to hide behind the anonymity of Internet comments. (I know, so what else is new?)

Here’s something nice to see: Brothers Benny and Rafi Fine showed the commercial to children of a wide range of ages and asked them about it. It’s worth seeing their reactions, especially when told that the commercial was controversial. (The younger ones especially had to have this explained to them.)

The only thing that bothers me is that later in this clip the kids discuss possibilities for dealing with idiot comments, including even automated censorship. I’m rather absolutist on the First Amendment. But I do sympathize with the reaction to hate speech.

Link to original commercial:
Link to clip above:

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