Review: Brave (2012 movie)

As someone mentioned to me, this isn’t the movie the most-seen trailer leads you to expect. It’s a Pixar film about a Scottish princess in the Middle Ages who refuses to allow an archery contest among the eldest sons of clan leaders to decide who’s to become her husband. So, taking advantage of a clever reading of the rules, she enters the contest herself.

All that we see in the trailer above, but that turns out to be only an incident in the story, which is mainly about the relationship between the princess and her mother and about their difference of opinion about a princess’s duty.

I didn’t find it quite up to the usual Pixar standards, but it’s still worth seeing. My biggest complaint is that at one point the daughter does something to her mother that I found implausibly awful (though she does sincerely repent). On the positive side, the king, the leaders of the major clans affiliated with him, and the Scotsmen in general are very funny, and some scenes are genuinely suspenseful.

Here’s a trailer that’s a bit more suggestive of the movie as a whole than the one above:


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  1. Makes you realize the potential danger of innocent remarks like, “Gee, you ARE a bear in the morning.”

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