Review: Identity (2005 movie)

Heavy rains and floods strand a bunch of strangers in a rundown Nevada motel off to one side of nowhere. John Cusack, the protagonist, is a limo driver chauffeuring an obnoxious actress played by Rebecca De Mornay. Ray Liotta is a cop transporting a prisoner so scary he looks like Jake Busey. Amanda Peet is a hooker en route to Florida to retire and grow oranges. John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox on Scrubs) is stepfather to a boy who never talks and whose mother has been seriously injured in an accident. A young couple just married in Las Vegas are already starting to have relationships problems.

Soon they start dying one by one in increasingly mysterious ways, but we and the characters themselves soon realize that there’s not just a serial killer at work, because some of the developments seem clearly impossible.

What we have here is a nice little psychological suspense film with elements of science fiction. The explanation for the mystery is quite original and unexpected (if scientifically dubious), and it plays fair with the audience, providing clues to what’s actually going on. Worth seeing if you go in for this sort of film, and available for free on (and no, they’re not paying me to say that).


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