Review: The 6th Day (2000 movie)

In the near future helicopter pilot Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on an illegal cloning conspiracy and encounters his own Doppelgänger, with whom he eventually teams up. Despite the film’s flaws (especially its failed attempts at comic relief), it’s apparent that some actual thought went into the script, which reminds me of hard sf from the 1950s and 60s. A novelization might even be quite good. Robert Duvall turns in a decent performance as the inventor of the cloning process, and there are even some ideas worth thinking about running along under the action sequences. It’s not great, but I found it watchable.

It’s currently available for free on (at least for U.S. viewers), with a 15- to 30-second commercial break every 8-10 minutes or so, a lot better than watching network TV.


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