Review: The Amateurs (2005 movie)

Jeff Bridges is a small-town divorced dad with not much money who fears losing the love and respect of his son, who lives with his mother and her second husband, who isn’t just rich but also a really nice guy. Bridges decides that he needs to achieve something with his life, or at least get out of his low-rent situation, so he convinces his circle of friends to make a porno movie.

This sounds like a setup for a very broad farce, but it proves to be a quiet little character-driven comedy, as if The Andy Griffith Show had a porn episode.

One well-liked member of the circle of friends happens to be gay, and he’s completely oblivious that everybody knows this, and it’s not clear he knows it himself. Mary Steenburgen turned down a part in the movie, but when she read the script she decided the perfect actor for the role would be he husband, Ted Danson. If I were Ted Danson I’m not sure how I’d feel about that. Then again, if I were married to Mary Steenburgen I’d put up with it. In any event, he does play the part and is very good at it.

It’s not a great film, but I liked it.


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