Review: Let the Right One In (2008 movie)

After watching this I wondered what the sequel might be called. Let the Left One In, maybe? Or perhaps it should be a trilogy, with the latter two titled Let the Right One Out and Let the Right One In and Shake It All About.

Seriously, this is a fine, original movie, a very different sort of horror film. The protagonist is a disturbed 12-year-old boy whose parents are divorced and who is suffering serious bullying in school. His only friend is a strange girl who has just moved into the next apartment, though at first she tells him that they can’t be friends and won’t say why.

She and her father have some major secrets that the boy gradually figures out, at least partly, as their friendship grows. He and the audience come to sympathize with her while at the same time growing progressively more horrified by what we learn and by what we see.

I won’t say more than this about the plot. I will say that it’s very well made with excellent acting and storytelling. I suspect different people will react to it in very different ways, so I can’t make a blanker recommendation.

In Swedish, with optional dubbed English for the subtitle-averse.


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