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Donald Trump, who still won’t tell us what shocking discoveries his private detectives uncovered in Hawaii (that Trump was a bigger sucker than even they expected?), yesterday made a Big Announcement, namely that if Obama would release his “college records and applications, and passport application and records,” he (Trump) would donate $5 million to charity.

So Adam Gabbatt, of the New York office of Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, rang up Trump’s office to request the same stuff from Trump. (You can listen to a recording of the call on The Guardian‘s website at the link below.)

According to Gabbatt’s article, Trump’s spokesweasel said the request was “stupid” but offered to provide the information in return for Gabbatt’s own. Gabbatt immediately agreed, so the spokesweasel went full-weasel, asking what would be the point and declaring that Gabbatt shouldn’t be making such requests unless he could afford to donate $5 million to charity. When Gabbatt reminded Mr. Weasel of his own original proposal — a straight trade — the spokesweasel said he’d take it up with Trump, but he also wanted all the reporter’s medical records. When Gabbatt agreed to that as well, the spokesweasel hung up on him.

No word yet on whether Trump will make a similar offer in return for Romney’s college and passport records, or for his still-secret tax returns, or for the contents of the hard drives in the Massachusetts governor’s office, all of which were removed by Romney staffers at the end of his term.

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