Todd Akin is, ah, interesting

Aside from his role in likely preventing a Republican majority in the Senate, Representative Todd Akin (R-Missouri) isn’t an important figure, but he says enough odd things to be interesting. Most notoriously, he claimed in a television interview that women who are victims of “legitimate rape” almost never get pregnant, a remark that led to calls from his fellow Republicans for him to withdraw from the campaign. (He refused and incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, previously expected to lose, has been in the lead in polling for some time.) Back in 2008 he alleged in a speech on the House floor that doctors often perform abortions on women who aren’t pregnant.

But he says plenty of other odd things as well. Here, for example, when he learns that a reporter is from England, he addresses him with an expression associated with stereotypical movie Irishmen from the 1950s.

And speaking of 1950s stereotypes, here he comes across as a stereotypical Bircher, claiming that there are a bunch of socialists in the Senate and that President Obama is a “commie.”

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