An open letter to voters from 68 Nobel-winning American scientists

Following is the text of an open letter released last Wednesday and signed by 68 American winners of the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, and physiology or medicine:

An Open Letter to the American People

America’s economic future, the quality of our health, and the quality of our environment depend on our ability to continue America’s proud legacy of discovery and invention. As winners of the Nobel Prizes in science, we are proud of our contribution to the extraordinary advances American science has made in recent years. But we’re deeply concerned that without leadership and continued commitment to scientific research the next generation of Americans will not make and benefit from future discoveries.

President Obama understands the key role science has played in building a prosperous America, has delivered on his promise to renew our faith in science-based decision making and has championed investment in science and technology research that is the engine of our economy. He has built strong programs to educate young Americans in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and programs to provide Americans the training they need to keep pace with a technology-driven economy.

His opponent supports a budget that, if implemented, would devastate a long tradition of support for public research and investment in science at a time when this country’s future depends, as never before, on innovation. He has also taken positions that privilege ideology over clear scientific evidence on climate change.

As a nation we must continue the investments that revolutionized agriculture, invented the Internet, gave us modern medicine and enabled a strong national defense. Abandoning this tradition would be a devastating step backwards. If you believe, as we do, that America’s future is bound in essential ways to science and innovation, we urge you to join us in working to ensure the reelection of President Obama.

Alexei Abrikosov, Physics ’03
Peter Agre, Chemistry ’03
Sidney Altman, Chemistry, ’89
Philip Anderson, Physics, ’77
David Baltimore, Medicine ’75
Paul Berg, Chemistry, ’80
J. Michael Bishop, Medicine, ’89
Elizabeth Blackburn, Medicine, ’09
Günter Blobel, Medicine, ’99
Nicolaas Bloembergen, Physics, ’81
Linda Buck, Medicine, ’04
Mario Capecchi, Medicine, ’07
Martin Chalfie, Chemistry, ’08
Leon Cooper, Physics, ’72
James Cronin, Physics, ’80
Robert Curl, Chemistry, ’96
Johann Deisenhofer, Chemistry, ’88
Edmond Fischer, Medicine, ’92
Val Fitch, Physics, ’80
Jerome Friedman, Physics, ’90
Murray Gell-Mann, Physics, ’69
Walter Gilbert, Chemistry, ’80
Donald Glaser, Physics, ’60
Sheldon Glashow, Physics, ’79
Roy Glauber, Physics, ’05
Joseph Goldstein, Medicine, ’85
Paul Greengard, Medicine, ’00
Carol Greider, Medicine, ’09
David Gross, Physics, ’04
Robert Grubbs, Chemistry, ’05
Roger Guillemin, Medicine, ’77
John Hall, Physics, ’05
Leland Hartwell, Medicine, ’01
Alan Heeger, Chemistry, ’00
Dudley Herschbach, Chemistry, ’86
Roald Hoffmann, Chemistry, ’81
H. Robert Horvitz, Medicine, ’02
David Hubel, Medicine, ’81
Eric Kandel, Medicine, ’00
Brian Kobilka, Chemistry, ’12
Roger Kornberg, Chemistry, ’06
Leon Lederman, Physics, ’88
Robert Lefkowitz, Chemistry, ’12
Rudy Marcus, Chemistry, ’92
John Mather, Physics, ’06
Craig Mello, Medicine, ’06
Mario Molina, Chemistry, ’95
Douglas Osheroff, Physics, ’96
Arno Penzias, Physics, ’78
Martin Perl, Physics, ’95
David Politzer, Physics, ’04
Stanley Prusiner, Medicine, ’97
Burton Richter, Physics, ’76
Richard Schrock, Chemistry, ’05
Hamilton Smith, Medicine, ’78
Oliver Smithies, Medicine, ’07
George Smoot, Physics, ’06
Thomas Steitz, Chemistry, ’09
Jack Szostak, Medicine, ’09
Joseph Taylor Jr, Physics, ’93
Charles Townes, Physics, ’64
Roger Tsien, Chemistry, ’08
Daniel Tsui, Physics, ’98
James Watson, Medicine, ’62
Carl Wieman, Physics, ’01
Eric Wieschaus, Medicine, ’95
Frank Wilczek, Physics, ’04
Robert Wilson, Physics, ’78

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