Mixing memes

For a while now there’s been a genre of YouTube videos that involves taking Hitler’s angry rant from the film Downfall and adding subtitles or otherwise mucking with it for comic effect. Hence we’ve seen Hitler react angrily to everything from movies and the latest from Apple to various developments in sports. (You can find a bunch of them at this link.)

More recently YouTube has been full of videos based on Korean singer PSY’s world-wide hit “Gangnam Style.” (See, for example, a recent post on this blog.)

So it was only a matter of time before the two genres crossed over:

If you’re somehow not familiar with the original, below are the two “official” music videos, including the highly random original, whose popularity on YouTube turned PSY into an international star. (Gangnam is incidentally a part of Seoul south of the Han River that’s something akin to a Korean Beverly Hills.)

Here’s the second “official” version featuring the female singer Hyuna from 4Minute:

PSY has been on all over U.S. television lately, doing everything from teaching the crazy horse-riding dance to Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres on the latter’s talk show to making a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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