2012 election forecasts from Electoral-Vote.com

Electoral-Vote.com is one of the better websites for anyone interested in the details of U.S. elections. It’s liberal in orientation but reasonably balanced in its coverage. For example, a recent blog entry pointed to this article from The Christian Science Monitor to show that there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a rich person as president. Adjusted for inflation, Washington’s wealth was probably comparable to Mitt Romney’s (though no other president comes close), and other very well off presidents included Jefferson, Madison, Kennedy, and both Roosevelts (and also Herbert Hoover).

One of the features of the site is a projection, updated daily, of the outcome of November’s election in terms of the electoral vote for president and balance of the Senate. Starting today, I’m putting their very compact graphic summary above the search box near the top-right of this page. You can click through for their full site.

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