Fox News: Romney broke law by putting dog on top of car

Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace (son of the late Mike Wallace of CBS) asks Mitt Romney about the incident in which he carried his dog in a kennel strapped to the roof of his car on a long drive to Canada. Wallace, noting he would never even consider doing such a thing himself, asks Romney what he was thinking and points out that what he did violates animal cruelty laws.

Romney just laughs it off, weirdly claims that the kennel was “air tight” (!), claims the dog liked it better than riding inside, and volunteers that carrying dog loose in the back of a pickup — a dangerous practice that has resulted in many canine deaths and injuries — is just fine as well. Good grief.

To help wash that painful clip out of your brain, here’s a more heartwarming one, about a young dog, recovering from a gunshot wound, that bonded with an older blind dog in an animal hospital play yard and taught itself to be her new friend’s service dog:

(Thanks to my brother Mark for pointing out the second clip.)

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