Illustrating the Affordable Care Act

I’m not sure how much good the following little video will do. What it has to say about the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is factually accurate. Of necessity it leaves a lot out, but if anything it ends up understating its case. For example, it mentions that the ACA gradually closes the Medicare drug coverage “donut hole” but omits to mention other additional benefits for Medicare recipients, and it doesn’t address claims that the ACA slashes Medicare funding, which of course it doesn’t. It does strive to rein in growth, but in nowhere near so extreme a fashion as the Paul Ryan budget favored by Republicans.

Unfortunately, anyone who has been taken in by the numerous myths, rumors, and outright lies about the law is unlikely to be persuaded by simple statements of fact. Some of the things the video says even risk being misinterpreted as confirming those false impressions.

But it’s at least a good first pass at explaining the basics of the law for someone who just wants an overview, so here it is:

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