Review: Unknown (2011 movie)

Liam Neeson, in Berlin for an academic conference, is injured in a traffic accident and wakes up three days later to find that he has no ID and that his life has been taken over by another man, and everything from his university’s website to his wife (January Jones) supports the other guy’s claim to be the real Martin Harris.

It’s an action-suspense-thriller with some nice plot-twists and some seeming plot-holes that in the end turn out to be clues to what’s really going on. Bruno Ganz is an elderly veteran of the East German secret police who now works as a part-time private detective and agrees to help Neeson find out what’s going on, and Diane Kruger is an illegal immigrant who gets involved in spite of herself. Recommended if you like thrillers of the what-the-heck-is-going-on-here school.

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