Kevin Manahan on Christie for president

I’m possibly the last person to post a link to this blog entry by Kevin Manahan on The (Newark) Star-Ledger website, but given the talk of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s possible entry into the crowded but uninspiring Republican presidential field, I thought I’d joint the herd. Basically, Manahan doesn’t think Christie has a shot, and he says it in an amusing way.

But I was most interested in a comment he made that reminds us there are still sensible Republicans out there:

Now before the Kool-Aid-slurping Christie Krishnas drop their tambourines and rant about the liberal media slamming their guy, let me say this: I’m a Republican. Check the voter records. I’ve given to Republican candidates. I’ve put Republican signs on my suburban lawn. I’ve been elected to office in my hometown as a Republican. These days, however, I’m ashamed to belong to the party.

Because nationally, being a Republican means being equal parts angry and irrational.

Manahan might be a little too hard on this own party’s rank and file, because my impression is that a lot of the better informed members are on his side. The problem is that too many are being misled by misinformation and intentional disinformation from Fox News, forwarded emails, right-wing websites, and their own presidential candidates.

For example, if it were really true, as Herman Cain recently contended in a debate, that what he called “Obamacare” will interpose government bureaucrats between you and your doctor, that would be good reason to be angry. It isn’t true, of course, but it’s hard to blame the average voter for not knowing this given the conflicting noise they hear.

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