FEMA running out of money

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s response to Hurricane Irene has earned high marks from governors of both parties in the affected states, but dealing with this disaster and earlier ones, such as the tornadoes that struck several states earlier this year, has left the organization with less than $800 million, according to an article posted yesterday on The New York Daily News website.

Unfortunately, as I’ve noted previously, the House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor R-Virginia), has strongly hinted at using aid to disaster victims as a bargaining chip. Former FEMA head Michael Brown, best known the notoriously mismanaged response to Hurricane Katrina, told Fox News yesterday that he agrees with Cantor.

(Incidentally, my part of central North Carolina was spared any serious damage from Irene. We did get some strong winds here on the very edge of the storm, but fortunately not enough to do more than knock down some small branches from trees.)

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