The Cabbie — excellent short film

A few years ago, still photographer Vincent Laforet began shooting films with digital SLR cameras that have video recording capabilities. Here’s one shot with the Canon 7D (similar to the T3i and 60D) that I particularly like, because in just three minutes it tells an interesting story and is also delightful to look at.

Chapter 1: The Cabbie from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Incidentally, lest anyone think producing a film of this technical quality requires just using the right camera and lens(es), it’s worth noting that a lot of other equipment was involved, including lighting and sound gear and apparently a camera stabilizer (Steadicam or similar) and a jib (a sort of mini-crane). The other equipment likely cost a good deal more than the camera. A lot of people were involved as well. The full list of credits runs to something over a dozen names.

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