Jimmy Kimmel tells Trump supporters to sign up for "Trumpcare"

Jimmy Kimmel has lately been urging Donald Trump supporters to sign up for health insurance through Trumpcare, which offers comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. Moreover, it's insurance through private companies, not the government. A lot of Trump fans have taken … Continue reading

Research on abstinence-only sex education

Pediatrician and medical school professor Dr Aaron Carroll summarizes (in eight minutes) the research on abstinence-only versus comprehensive sex education: Link: https://youtu.be/0BkFQ0oUncE The title at the top of the window above -- "The Evidence for Abstinence-Only Sex Education Is Scant" … Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel's not a healthcare expert; he just knows more than most GOP senators

Over the past few nights Jimmy Kimmel has had a lot of intelligent, well-informed, and sometimes funny things to say about the Cassidy-Graham healthcare bill, and the bill's defenders have struck back with name-calling and falsehoods. Senator "John Kennedy" (R-Bizarro … Continue reading